Kern Bridges Youth Homes
  Where Children Thrive

About Kern Bridges

Mission - Our mission is to provide responsive solutions and trauma-informed care to Kern County’s vulnerable children by providing safe homes, accessible services, and engaging in ongoing quality improvement.

Kern Bridges Youth Homes (KBYH) serves children who are robbed of their childhoods, who frequently live each day not knowing if their parents are going to feed them, or if they will be sleeping in a park, or if they will ever attend school. Many of their parents have abandoned their parental responsibilities long before these children are removed from their custody. Most of our residents have been abused: physically, sexually, emotionally.... They come to our door with tremendous issues of rejection and neglect. They are truly wounded, their spirits, and their souls.

In evaluating mental stability in individuals, the most profound issues are the ways in which they get, or more specifically, do not get their needs met on a variety of different levels. Our residents are children who are familiar with never fitting in, and of feeling as though they do not count. Their parents, enveloped in their own problems of substance abuse, domestic violence and mental illness, have made them feel as though they are deserving the neglect and the abuse they have suffered. They define themselves through their depravity, and their despair.

KBYH is committed to treating the soul, mind, body and spirit of these children. We remember wonderful experiences we had as children with our families that our residents have never had. We remember the quiet moments in our minds where we can listen to the music of our times, and have time to reflect. We strive to provide these moments to our children who have rarely had the privilege to reflect on anything.