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Foster Parent Requirements

KBYH is licensed by the State of California to recruit, train, certify, supervise, and support qualified foster homes for special needs children. The program focuses on intensive in-house counseling services along with milieu therapy. Our Social Work staff have masters degrees, training, and experience in working with children, especially those who have been abused and neglected.

To find out the requirements for becoming a foster parents, click here.
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New Foster Parent Mentor program            
Foster youth can now stay in foster care until age 21!  KBYH is actively recruiting families to considering being a mentor family for emancipating foster youth.

If I foster a Non-Minor Dependent, what is required?
1. Provide a safe & healthy living environment.
2. Develop a Shared Living Agreement.
3. Mentor Non-Minor Dependent (NMD) in transitional living skills.
4. Utilize foster payment funds to feed, clothe, and assist NMD.

Youth Requirements
In order to be in foster care from age 18 until his or her 21st birthday, a youth must meet one of the following requirements:
1. Be enrolled in a program of secondary education
2. Be enrolled in post secondary or vocational education
3. Participate in a program designed to remove barriers to employment
4. Employed for at least 80 hours a month
5. Be mentally or physically incapable of doing any of the above

Please consider opening your home to a youth, and providing them with the opportunity for a better tomorrow.