Kern Bridges Youth Homes
  Where Children Thrive

About Kern Bridges

Mission - Our mission is to provide responsive solutions and trauma-informed care to Kern County’s vulnerable children by providing safe homes, accessible services, and engaging in ongoing quality improvement.

Kern Bridges Youth Homes, Inc. (KBYH) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a safe, stable, and consistent environment for children ages 0-21 years old.  We offer continuous training, support, and encouragement to our Resource Families to ensure they are equipped to take on the challenging situations which may occur.

KBYH seeks to provide short-term, long-term and in some cases adoptive homes to match the various needs of children in our care.

Children needing placement include: Boys and girls, infants to twenty-one years old, sibling groups, children with developmental, medical, and behavioral needs, children needing an adoptive home and mentor parents for emancipated foster your ages 18-21.