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General Information:
If you are considering adoption, KBYH would be honored to assist you understanding the various adoption options and help you determine the best choice for you and your family.  KBYH has been providing adoption services since 1999 and currently we provide foster/adoption services, domestic independent adoption home study services, and post-adoption services.  Adoption is a very personal, emotional, and special decision and we would be proud to partner with you as you consider adding to your family.   Please contact us for more information if you or someone you know is interested in adopting at 661-396-2360 or

Approval Process:
The process towards adoption can be very extensive, but KBYH makes it a clear and simple 3-step process: paperwork, training, and psycho-social assessment.  In most foster/adoption cases, there is no cost involved in adoption, or the costs are nominal.  A fee schedule for domestic independent adoptions can be provided upon request.  

Post Adoption Services:
KBYH offers a variety of post-adoption services to families.  These include:
●Adoption support group - click here to download the Adoption Support Group Flier
●Counseling services for the child(ren) and/or family
●Parenting classes and materials
●Assistance in accessing resources and advocacy services